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Sharpens the image (sharpen effect) and the colors (vibrance), making details easier to see. Fast and configurable.

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Once installed, select the camera of the scene and add the component ‘Sharpening’. When you add it you will see something like:


With ‘Strength’ (1) you can select the strength of the effect. In ‘Clamp’ (2) you can select maximum amount of the sharpening a pixel receives. ‘Radius’ (3) adjust the radius of the sampling pattern. You can change the pattern used (4) by one of these:

  • Fast Gaussian: fast gaussian using only 2 textures fetches. Use this on mobile.
  • Nine Gaussian: nine tap gaussian using 4 texture fetches.
  • Seventeen Gaussian: seventeen tap gaussian using 4 texture fetches.
  • Pyramid HighPass: nine tap high pass filter using 4 texture fetches.

You can also change the luminance coefficients (5):

  • BT.709 coefficient, used in monitors and HD television.
  • BT.601 coefficient, used in SD television.
  • Equal weight coefficient.

If you enable ‘Vibrance’ (6), you can increases the intensity (7) of the more muted colors and leaves the already well-saturated colors alone. If you need to adjust this intensity in each color channel, you can do it by modifying the ‘Balance’ (8).

Do you want to know how the effect is working? Click on ‘View shaperning’ (9) to see in which areas and with what intensity it is being applied.


Finally, by pressing (10) you can access the online help and pressing ‘Reset’ (11) to return to the default parameters.


All code is inside the namespace ‘Nephasto.ShaperningAsset’ and main component is ‘Sharpening’. So if you want to use it you must first import its namespace:

 using Nephasto.SharpeningAsset;


If ‘myCamera’ is a valid camera and you want to add the effect, you should do something like:

 Sharpening shaperning = mycamera.gameObject.AddComponent<Sharpening>();


For more information, see the documentation in the ‘Shaperning’ class and the attached demo.

Any questions or suggestions you have, I will be happy to answer you in