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A great collection (more than 1100) of LUTs (or look-up texture) that can transform the look of your game in an easy and simple way.

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LUTopia’ is the largest collection of LUTs (or look-up texture) in the entire store. With its LUTs you can give your games the look you are looking for quickly and easily.

This effect requires Shader Model 3 or higher (DirectX 9.0c or higher, OpenGLES 2.0 or higher).


Once installed you can add to the camera that is using any of the components of ‘Image Effects > Nephasto > LUTopia’. You can also find them if you are looking for components that start with ‘LUTopia’.


Once you have added the effect you will see something like this:


The first thing you can modify is how strong the effect is with ‘Amount’ (1). Some effects group simulated LUts into groups, you can switch groups in ‘Profile’ (2). To select the LUT, use ‘Preset’ (3).

To better adjust the effect you can activate ‘Color grading’ (4). By doing so you can adjust values such as exposure, color temperature, filter, tint, etc. You can also adjust more advanced parameters such as lift, gamma and gain (ASC CDL standard).


When you use any of the ‘LUTopia’ effects, you can change any of its presets at any time and without any delay. This is possible because all the look-up textures that this effect has are loaded into memory.

If you want only the presets you use to be in memory, you can use the ‘LUT Container’ component. Once added to the camera you use you will see this:


Click on ‘+’ or directly drag the presets that you want to use to add them to the container. Once added you can use it normally and only the ones you use will be loaded in memory.


The presets are 3D textures with the extension ‘.asset’ and you can find them in the folders under ‘Nephasto / LUTopia / Profiles’.


Anime (50)

Aquamarine (20)

Beige & Brown (50)

Black & Yellow (50)

Business (50)

Cyberpunk (50)

Fantasy (50)

Film Manufactures (10)

Golden (20)

Minimalism (50)

Movies (89)

Nightscapes (38)

Orange & Teal (20)

Painting (100)

Red (100)

Retro Future (32)

Sepia (16)

St. Patrick's Day (50)

Teal and Yellow (50)

Tokyo (32)

Tropical (50)

Urban Night (50)

Wild Nature (5)

Winter (50)

Yellow (50)


Too many effects and you don’t know which one to choose? With the ‘LUTOVision’ tool you can see all the effects with the camera you want and choose the one you like the most. To use it, go to the editor menu ‘Window > Nephasto > LUTopia > LUTOVision’ and you will see something like this:


If you have multiple cameras you can select the one you want to use in ‘Camera’ (1). All the effects will be displayed in folders that you can display by clicking on them (2). You can refresh all the captures by clicking on ‘Refresh’ (3) or have them refresh automatically by activating ‘Auto refresh’ (4) (this option may affect the performance of the editor).


To be able to add effects by code it is necessary that you previously create it in the editor and make a prefab with it. Once created, you can instantiate.

For more information see the comments on the code and the attached demo.

Any questions or suggestions you have, I will be happy to answer you in